Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The weighty power of Law has long been used as a tool to commit targeted violence against people of color. Systemic racism has been bred into all the most influential structures holding sway over people’s lives. From the criminal justice system, to housing and educational policy, down to the right to vote, Black Americans, Indigenous populations, and other People of Color have been subject to historic and ever-present discrimination. Yet law school teachings have largely ignored the generational trauma caused by racist policies and practices. 

But lawyers who work within the system have a special duty to acknowledge and address racist injustices committed in the name of the Law. The Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts (WJLTA) seeks to confront such intersections between Law, creative innovation, and social inequity in order to utilize legal education in the pursuit of equality.

Innovation in law, technology, and arts has the potential to provide greater access and further progress. Yet there remain unresolved issues of discrimination and gatekeeping as well as novel forms of exploitation that exacerbate racial and other disparities.

We at WJLTA aim to upend the traditional exclusivity and elitism of law school structures in favor of a more equitable academic environment. But there is work to be done before we can claim to be an inclusive, anti-racist organization. Our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion will be marked by actionable policies and sustained efforts. We will expand diversity in the scholarship featured in our journal and on our blog, and this commitment to equity will remain a cornerstone of our mission as a journal. 

Please see our submissions page if you would like to contribute. If you have any questions regarding WJLTA’s commitment to diversity and outreach, please email our Diversity and Outreach Chair, Justine Kim at diversity@wjlta.com.