Winner Winner, Apple Dinner: Federal Circuit Issues Injunction Against Samsung for Patent Infringing Devices

samsung-apple211By Vijay Kumar

Another chapter of the Apple/Samsung cell phone wars was written earlier this month when the Federal Circuit ruled that Apple Inc. should have been granted an injunction against Samsung Electronics Co. devices for certain patent-infringing features. The ruling is significant, not only because of its effect on the two biggest cell phone manufacturers, but also because it will likely have a significant effect on a patentee’s ability to get injunctions granted. Samsung is appealing the decision to a Federal Circuit en banc panel.

The technology at issue dealt with features of mobile phones including spelling correction, linking phone numbers in a document to a dialer, and slide-to-unlock features. This appeal stems from a May 2014 district court decision from the Northern District of California, in which Apple was awarded $120 million in damages, but denied an injunction. Continue reading