Guest Post: Special Symposium Issue Celebrates the Contributions of Chief Judge Rader

By Robert Gomulkiewicz
Faculty Adviser

Last summer, the University of Washington School of Law’s annual CASRIP High Tech Summit celebrated the elevation of Judge Randall R. Rader to Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  Judge Rader has been a regular and long time participant in the Summit. Many speakers during the Summit focused on how opinions written by Judge Rader had shaped important aspects of intellectual property law and practice.  Other speakers highlighted his contributions as a teacher and scholar. Still others emphasized that his influence reached globally, particularly to Asia. As I listened to these insightful presentations, I became convinced that we needed to share them with a broader audience. The notion of a festschrift–a collection of writings published to honor an outstanding intellectual during his or her lifetime–came to mind.  That fit the bill nicely because Judge Rader’s intellectual contributions can be found not only in his judicial opinions but in his books, presentations, and classroom teaching. Accordingly, the Spring 2012 issue of the Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts contains 11 articles written by participants in the Summit, highlighting Judge Rader’s achievements in all these areas. I’m grateful to the editors of the Journal for their partnership in celebrating the accomplishments of Chief Judge Rader through this festchrift symposium issue.

The full issue may be read here, and will be available as a manuscript at major law libraries later this year.

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