The Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts is pleased to announce Evan Brown as its 2013–2014 Editor-in-Chief

Evan, a member of the Class of 2014, grew up in Silicon Valley, and came to Seattle by way of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. He worked for several years as an editor in the Geography and Cultural Studies group at ABC-CLIO, an academic and educational publishing company. Evan intends to pursue art and entertainment law, and he was attracted to UW in part by the Law, Technology & Arts program and journal. His studies have thus far focused on copyright, trademark, and business law, and he has served as the President of the Advocates for the Arts and Vice President of the TechLaw society. He is excited to work with next year’s editorial board to produce an intellectually stimulating and helpful resource for practitioners dealing with issues at the intersection of the arts and technology.

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