Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts Publishes Fall 2013 Issue

The Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts (LTA Journal) has published its Fall 2013 Issue. The LTA Journal publishes concise legal analysis aimed at practicing attorneys on a quarterly basis.

The issue’s first article, by Editor-in-Chief Evan Brown, is “Shaking Out the ‘Shakedowns’: Pre-Discovery Dismissal of Copyright Infringement Cases after Comparison of the Works at Issue” which, in an era of copyright trolling, discusses the willingness of several courts to grant motions to dismiss in copyright infringement cases when discovery is unlikely to produce material evidence. The article examines the circumstances under which pre-discovery dismissal is likely to be granted, the courts’ reasoning for granting dismissal in such cases, and the potential effects on copyright infringement and litigation.

Articles Editor Megan Haslach wrote the second article, “Trouble for Trolling: Courts Reject Copyright Trolling Tactics.” The article addresses the issue of copyright trolling, and examines how courts have discouraged trolling tactics by dismissing suits filed by copyright trolls acting in bad faith.

Associate Editor-in-Chief of Communications, Peter Dang, contributed the third article “Criminal Defenses to Anti-Circumvention Charges for Modifying Video Game Consoles.” The article explores the DMCA and its application to the modification of video game consoles, and focuses specifically on the DMCA in the criminal law context.

The issue’s fourth article was written by Dina Neda Rezvani and is titled “Can You Hear Me Now? The Race to Provide America with Universal, High=Speed Wireless Coverage.” The article discusses the circuit split on key interpretations of the Telecommunications Act, and the need for consistency in its application.

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