Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts Publishes Spring 2014 Issue

The Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts (LTA Journal) has published its Spring 2014 Issue. The LTA Journal publishes concise legal analysis aimed at practicing attorneys on a quarterly basis.

Scott Kennedy, an associate attorney at Reinisch Wilson Weier, P.C. and a former member of the LTA Journal, wrote the first article, “Who Knew? Refining the ‘Knowability’ Standard for the Future of Potentially Hazardous Technologies.” The article surveys U.S. products liability law pertaining to the duty to warn and analyzes the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Rosa v. Taser International, Inc. to illustrate the problems involved in assessing knowability.

In the issue’s second article, “Are Courts Phoning It In? Resolving Problematic Reasoning in the Debate over Warrantless Searches of Cell Phones Incident to Arrest,” Northwest Justice Project legal fellow Derek Scheurer surveys the courts’ application of the search-incident-to-arrest doctrine to cellphones. He analyzes four problematic arguments that courts often rely on to limit warrantless searches of cell phones incident to arrest, and recommends two possible solutions for restricting police authority to search.

Incoming Editor-in-Chief Peter Montine wrote the third article, “Forced Turnovers: Using Eminent Domain to Build Professional Sports Venues.” The article discusses the application of eminent domain law in sports venue cases and suggests strategies for challenging a city’s use of eminent domain to develop a professional sports venue.

Articles Editor Matthew Fredrickson contributed the fourth article, “Sentencing Court Discretion and the Confused Ban on Internet Bans.” The article discusses the circuit split on judicial sentencing discretion and the imposition of Internet bans as a condition of supervised release.

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