Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts Publishes Fall 2014 Issue

The Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts (LTA Journal) has published its Fall 2014 Issue. The LTA Journal publishes concise legal analysis aimed at practicing attorneys on a quarterly basis.

The issue’s first article, by Managing Submissions Editor Rachael Wallace, is “Framing the Issue: Avoiding a Substantial Similarity Finding in Reproduced Visual Art.” The article discusses copyright infringement in reproduced visual art, explains how attorneys have avoided substantial similarity findings, and provides attorneys with guidance on avoiding a substantial similarity finding in their clients’ works, focusing specifically on photographs.

Articles Editor Stephen Anson wrote the second article, “Hologram Images and the Entertainment Industry: New Legal Territory?” The article discusses the three main intellectual property issues surrounding the holographic reproduction of a dead artist’s likeness: copyright, trademark, and the right of publicity. The article recommends the steps that a living artist’s or deceased artist’s estate can take to plan for the most robust protection.

Former Articles Editor Megan Haslach contributed the third article, “Consignment Catastrophes: Lessons from New York’s Art Gallery Fraud.” The article explores issues surrounding art consignment statutes and argues that New York’s amended consignment statute provides a model that all states should implement in order to provide a fairer balance in the relationship between artists and art dealers.

The issue’s fourth article was written by Brendon Beheshti and is titled “Getting Beyond Abstract Confusion: How the United Kingdom’s Jurisprudence Can Aid in Developing an Analytic Framework for Patent-Eligibility in Light of Alice v. CLS Bank.” The Article advocates consideration of the United Kingdom’s jurisprudence as persuasive authority for implementation of a new framework for analysis of subject matter eligibility of computer-implemented inventions in light of the United States Supreme Court’s ruling in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International.

See the full issue here.

Visit the Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts Website: http://www.law.washington.edu/wjlta/

We also have a blog: https://wjlta.wordpress.com/

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