Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts Publishes Winter 2015 Issue

The Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts (LTA Journal) has published its Winter 2015 Issue. The LTA Journal publishes concise legal analysis aimed at practicing attorneys on a quarterly basis.

Patrick Holvey, a 2015 J.D. candidate at NYU School of Law and registered Patent Agent, wrote the first article, “The Anti-Clone Wars: Towards a Reinvigoration of the Doctrine of Patent Misuse and the Per Se Illegality of Anti-Cloning Provisions.” The article argues that anti-cloning provisions improperly broaden the patent grant, constrain competition in unpatented subject matter, harm competition, and should be considered by the courts to constitute per se patent misuse or, in the alternative, patent misuse under a rule of reason analysis.

Submissions Editor Christopher Ferrell wrote the second article, “Standing Room Only: MadStad Engineering and the Potential to Challenge the Constitutionality of the America Invents Act’s ‘First-Inventor-to-File’ Patenting System.” The article explores the ramifications of the MadStad Engineering v. USPTO ruling and examines the constitutionality of the first-inventor-to-file patent system.

In the issue’s third article, “The Code-Based Interpretation of Authorization: An Incomplete Picture,” Managing Articles Editor Nicholas Ulrich examines the two leading interpretive theories on the issue of authorization under the Stored Communications Act: the code-based theory and the trespass theory. The article argues that the appropriate approach to authorization looks to both theories.

Associate Editor-in-Chief of Operations Jeffrey Echert contributed the fourth article, “Radio Revolution: The Local Community Radio Act’s Expansion of Possibilities for Low-Power FM Stations.” The article explores the struggle to establish low-power FM radio stations (LPFMs) and argues that the Local Community Radio Act is a step in the right direction for LPFMs, but not without obstacles.

See the full issue here.

Visit the Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts Website: http://www.law.washington.edu/wjlta/

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