WJLTA Publishes Fall 2015 Issue

The Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts (WJLTA) has published its Fall 2015 Issue. WJLTA publishes concise legal analysis aimed at practicing attorneys on a quarterly basis.

Throwing the Flag on Pay-for-Play: The O’Bannon Ruling and the Future of Paid Student Athletes by Senior Submissions Editor Joseph Davison analyzes the recent rulings in favor of the NCAA rules preventing players from being paid for the use of their names, images, or likenesses. The article argues that rulings such as this are contradictory to the fundamental principles of antitrust law and have the potential to eliminate the college sports product entirely.

The second article, The Wooly-Mammoth in the Room: The Patentability of Animals Brought Back from Extinction Through Cloning and Genetic Engineering, by Executive Articles Editor Miriam Ricanne Swedlow looks at whether clones of once extinct species, which now contain both naturally occurring DNA as well as man-made DNA, can be patented.

University of Virginia School of Law 2016 J.D. Candidate Chad Squitieri wrote the last article: The Limits of the Freedom Act’s Amicus Curiae. This article looks at national surveillance reform and examines the differences between the originally called for “special advocate” and the Freedom Act created “amicus curiae”. The article continues the call for a special advocate.

See the full issue here.

Visit the Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts Website here: http://www.law.washington.edu/wjlta/.


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