Now Accepting Guest Blog Submissions

WJLTA accepts external submissions. In keeping with our policy on diversity, equity, and inclusion, WJLTA is making a call for submissions that address issues of social and/or racial justice and equity in relation to the intersection between law and technology or law and the arts.

Please send your submission materials to A member of our team will review your work and will contact you if your submission is selected. If you would like to guest author a blog related to discrimination in technology, art, and law, or any other topic, please keep these policies in mind:

  • Your blog should be relevant to the purpose and content of the WJLTA blog. Please read our “About Us” section and explore our past posts to get a sense of our writings.
  • Be sure not to duplicate a blog post that has already been published. You may search past blog posts to ensure your topic of choice has not been covered already.
  • Blog posts should be between 500 and 1200 words, and must include hyperlinks to sources.
  • We have a set number of open spots for guest blogs each month. Please check to make sure we are currently accepting submissions before you contact the submissions team. 

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