Fyre Festival 2017: A Transformative Way to Fraudulently Trap Millennials on a Remote Private Island in the Caribbean

Picture1By Miles Bludorn

If you had to scam thousands of uber-rich millennials into trapping themselves on a remote island in the Caribbean, how would you even begin to accomplish such a feat? Allow me to offer you some free advice based on the recent debacle that was the Fyre Festival 2017.   Continue reading

Skipplagged.com and the New Frontier of Aggregation Software Liability

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 7.37.46 PMBy Robin Hammond

What does Skipplagged software accomplish?

Skipplagged.com—created by Aktarer Zaman—allows consumers to book cheaper airline tickets to major hub cities by buying tickets to non-hub cities, and only completing one portion of the trip. For example, a passenger wishing to fly from New York to San Francisco might purchase a cheaper ticket to Seattle with a stopover in San Francisco, and simply get off the plane in San Francisco. Although the practice, called ‘hidden city ticketing’, has existed for years, Mr. Zaman has created an efficient and accessible method for travelers to utilize this technique.

United Airlines and Orbitz filed suit against Skipplagged for breaching an affiliate contract with Orbitz, and helping customers to enter into contracts (by buying a plane ticket) that they intend to break. Most airlines’ ticket contracts, as well as Orbitz’s terms of use, prohibit hidden city ticketing. And recently, American Airlines, a non-party to the suit, stated the practice “is tantamount to switching price tags to obtain a lower price on goods sold at department stores.” Continue reading